Riverside resource recovery facility

Contract Value £19m:
Riverside is the largest Energy from Waste plant in the country, comprising three advanced moving grate incinerators and boiler plant streams, supplying steam to a single steam turbine generator with air cooled condensers. Process equipment is housed in a structure approximately 150m x 60m x 50m high.

RRRF will contribute to meeting the need for new facilities in London by providing capacity to deal with up to 670,000 tonnes of London’s residual waste from 2011. 85% of the waste will arrive by river, removing the need for circa 100,000 lorry movements per year. From the incineration of the waste circa 62MW of electricity will be produced with scope for Combined Heat and Power.

The Incinerator Bottom Ash will be recycled for use as a secondary aggregate. The overall project cost is in the region of £420m. VVB’s scope of works is primarily Building Services orientated and includes:

  • Power Distribution – Site Wide
    – Non Essential, Essential and
    Emergency Supplies
    – Marine grade installation on the Jetty
  • Fire System
    – Fire Detection BS5839 P1 System
    – Fire Suppression in accordance with
    the ACE guidelines
  • Building Management System
    – HVAC & Water Services Control
    – Intelligent Lighting Control
    – Natural ventilation control
  • Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    – Internal and External Lighting
  • Security System
    – CCTV – internal external
    – Access Control
    – Passenger and Goods
    – Passenger Lifts
  • Communications System
    – Telephone System
    – Structured data cabling network
    – IT System and Server
    – Disabled refuge system
    – Site wide licensed Radio System

As a market leader in the supply of complete building services packages, VVB are fully conversant with installations in Energy from Waste facilities. Our installation at RRRF is site wide, designed to be robust and to meet the challenging conditions.

VVB have the experience and capability to maintain a healthy involvement in the Waste
Sector and associated infrastructure markets.

Our role included:

  • Design of Mechanical and Electrical systems
  • Liaison with consultants and the end user
  • Early contract involvement (at tender stage)
  • Management of specialist suppliers and specialist subcontractors
  • Co-ordinated install with Civils team

Through early involvement in the contract we were able to provide guidance to the main contractor on what would be required to execute the project successfully. Our involvement on site started prior to the foundation of the building being started and therefore allowed us to provide input into the construction of the building at every stage, delivering a well co-ordinated install. The handover of the building was a lengthy process with 18 months of commissioning and support provided by our experienced technicians and engineers.