Margate To Broadstairs Storm Water Tunnel

Contract Value: £100k
Margate To Broadstairs Storm Water Tunnel
The Costain Project is part of Southern Water’s £80 million environmental improvement scheme to bring even cleaner seas to Margate and Broadstairs in line with UK and European Legislation.

Under the new scheme, wastewater from Broadstairs will be pumped to Margate water treatment works (WTW), where it will undergo basic treatment. This partially-treated wastewater will then be pumped 11km along a twin, 800mm-diameter ductile iron pipe to a new WTW at Weatherlees, near Sandwich, alongside Southern Water’s existing treatment works. There the wastewater will go through several stages of treatment including UV (ultraviolet) disinfection before being pumped back to the Margate WTW, where it will be released as a clear liquid far out to sea along the existing sea outfall.

The route also includes two built-up areas where the pipeline will travel through two tunnels – 640m and 1,380m long and 3m wide –built 30m underground.

VVB were appointed by Costain for the refurbishment of a Lovat 131 TBM and the provision of Mechanical support on the TBM during the tunnel drives.

Our role included:

  • Mechanical Engineering management of the TBM refurbishment
  • Liaison with the TBM manufacturer Lovat
  • Refurbishment of the Lovat 131
  • Testing and commissioning of the mechanical systems on the TBM prior to TBM launch
  • Interface with civil engineering team
  • Mechanical support and supervision during the tunnel drives

The first tunnel, from Sloe Lane to Star Lane (640m long), was completed over the winter 2005 period. And in February 2006 the tunnel boring machine, named ‘Crystal’ by a Newington Junior Foundation pupil, was transferred from the shaft at Star Lane to the shaft at Broadley Road. Work was complete on the construction of the second tunnel from Broadley Road to Palm Bay Avenue (1,380m long) in late summer 2006.